Programme Director for Transport Systems Catapult joined Concrete Cattlemen as guest speaker this month.

Yolande Herbath spoke about the company’s future in Milton Keynes and their plans for advancing transport and making it more user friendly.

“It’s now putting the human being at the centre of travel instead of the airplane or bus,” she explained after a two-course meal and refreshments.

“We don’t want to go onto six different websites for six different tickets, we want to tap on one button and for it all to be there”.

Transport Systems Catapult has been at the front of numerous innovative projects around Milton Keynes, including Driverless Pods tested in 2016.

She added: “Driverless cars were science fiction…[but] it’s something that could happen and could happen quite quickly”.

During her speech, Yolande spoke about how Transport Systems Catapult interact with the people of Milton Keynes.

“We really do try to reach out to the community within MK.

“We run the transport café which is open to all SMEs and businesses as an opportunity for the managers to stand up and address their challenges.”

The Concrete Cattlemen meet every month for lunch to share knowledge and experiences with the local leaders of businesses in and around Milton Keynes.

This month’s lunch included a starter of Smoked Ham Hock or Soup of the Day and a main of Braised Pork Belly or Vegetarian Wellington.

Last month, Chairman of MK Hospital, Simon Lloyd, became the latest guest for the Concrete Cattlemen.

Other former speakers include Lady Mary Archer, Dame Cleo Laine, Edwina Currie, Sir Ian McGeechan, Neil Black MBE, Sir Edward Tompkins, Budge Rogets OBE and last year MP of MK South, Iain Stewart.

Alastair Brooks, Co-founder and Chairman of the Concrete Cattlemen said: “Our members include former speakers plus leading figures in the business world of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

“We are grateful to Galloways of Woburn, our current home, for looking after us with such attentive hospitality.”

Restaurant owner Pam and her sister Mona have been hard at work renovating the restaurant’s 17th century building to bring comfort, style and class to the restaurant.

Galloways of Woburn is becoming the place to celebrate special events and birthdays. With excellent food and outstanding service, Galloways will always go out of their way to make sure their guests have the best possible evening.